Patient Access

25Mar 2022

Patients with serious, life-threatening health conditions and who have no available treatment alternatives, often want to know if and how they can receive early access to investigational products, sometimes even before they are approved by the regulatory agencies. “Expanded access programme” (EAP), also referred to as “compassionate use programme” or “managed access programme”, is a […]

03Apr 2018

Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has always been dependent upon the ‘push’ strategy for successful market access for products. The drug approval process, involving submission of data on efficacy, safety, and tolerability to the regulatory agencies, used to be simple; which ended with the drug being marketed to the targeted physicians and dispensed by pharmacies post approval. […]

25Apr 2017

Following the recent announcement by PM Narendra Modi hinting at a legal framework for doctors to prescribe generic medicines cheaper than equivalent branded generic drugs, doctors appeared to welcome the move and opined that it will benefit patients as the life-saving drugs could be obtained at much cheaper rates. (1,2) In reality, India being the […]